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How to add extension methods to Enums
I have this Enum code: enum Duration { Day, Week, Month };  Can I add a extension methods for this Enum?
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Getting the integer value from enum
I am working on a basic Battleship game to help my C# skills. Right now I am having a little trouble with enum. I have: ... View Detail
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Sharing Enum with WCF Service
I have few different applications among which I'd like to share a C# enum. I can't quite figure out how to share an enum ... View Detail
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How to get the values of an enum into a SelectList
Imagine I have an enumeration such as this (just as an example): public enum Direction{  Horizontal = 0,  Vertical = 1, ... View Detail
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How to compare enum and int values?
enum MyEnum {  Invalid=0,  Value1=1,  Value1=2, }  void main () {  MyEnum e1 = MyEnum.Value1;  int i1 = 2;   // Is there ... View Detail
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How to get an array of all enum values in C#?
I have an enum that I'd like to display all possible values of. Is there a way to get an array or list of all the possib ... View Detail
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Convert List to IEnumerable<SelectListItem>
Tricky problem here. I'm trying to convert items for a list to IEnumerable<SelectListItem>. Lists dynamicTextInDatabas ... View Detail
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C# Enum - How to Compare Value
How can I compare the value of this enum public enum AccountType {  Retailer = 1,  Customer = 2,  Manager = 3,  Employe ... View Detail
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Convert an enum to List<string>
How do I convert the following Enum to a List of strings? [Flags] public enum DataSourceTypes {  None = 0,  Grid = 1,   ... View Detail
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How do I select a random value from an enumeration?
Given an arbitrary enumeration in C#, how do I select a random value? (I did not find this very basic question on SO. I ... View Detail
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How do you pass multiple enum values in C#?
Sometimes when reading others' C# code I see a method that will accept multiple enum values in a single parameter. I alw ... View Detail
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Pass in an enum as a method parameter
I have declared an enum: public enum SupportedPermissions {  basic,  repository,  both }  I also have a POCO like this ... View Detail
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convert an enum to another type of enum
I have an enum of for example 'Gender' (Male =0 , Female =1) and I have another enum from a service which has its own Ge ... View Detail
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How to Compare Flags in C#?
I have a flag enum below. [Flags] public enum FlagTest {  None = 0x0,  Flag1 = 0x1,  Flag2 = 0x2,  Flag3 = 0x4 }  I ca ... View Detail
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How to TryParse for Enum value?
I want to write a function which can validate a given value (passed as a string) against possible values of an enum. In ... View Detail
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How to get the Enum Index value in C#
In C, enums, internally equates to an integer. Therefore we can treat data types of enum as integer also. How to achiev ... View Detail
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Enum Naming Convention - Plural
I'm asking this question despite having read similar but not exactly what I want at C# naming convention for enum and ma ... View Detail
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What is the KeyCode for ,(comma) and .(dot) in .NET?
In my KeyDown EventHandler I need to know what is the KeyCode for , and .. I can't find them thats why I ask. Thanks!
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How do I have an enum bound combobox with custom string formatting for enum values?
In the post Enum ToString, a method is described to use the custom attribute DescriptionAttribute like this: Enum HowNi ... View Detail
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How to get a enum value from string in C#?
I have an enum: public enum baseKey : uint {    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = 0x80000000,  HKEY_CURRENT_USER = 0x80000001,  HKEY_ ... View Detail
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Casting string to enum
I'm reading file content and take string at exact location like this  string fileContentMessage = File.ReadAllText(file ... View Detail
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How to convert from System.Enum to base integer?
I'd like to create a generic method for converting any System.Enum derived type to its corresponding integer value, with ... View Detail
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what is the default value for enum variable
An enum variable, anyone know if it is always defaulting to the first element?
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C# int to enum conversion
Possible Duplicate: Cast int to enum in C# If I have the following code: enum foo : int {  option1 = 1,  opt ... View Detail
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C# Public Enums in Classes
I have a program with a class that contains a public enum, as follows: public class Card {  public enum card_suits  {   ... View Detail
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