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View and change sessions variables in a browser
Debugging a PHP program, is there any add-on/plug-in for browser which I can view sessions variables (those PHP $_SESSIO ... View Detail
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Too much data with var_dump in symfony2 doctrine2
I have around 40 entities and many bidirectional relationships. Whenever i use var_dump($user) or any entity my browser ... View Detail
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PHP - print all properties of an object
I have an unknown object in php page. How can I print/echo it, so I can see what properties/values do it have? What a ... View Detail
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A more pretty/informative Var_dump alternative in PHP?
Every decent PHP programmer has a print_r or var_dump wrapper they use, love and assign shortcut keys to, why don't we s ... View Detail
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program cant start because php5.dll is missing
I installed XAMPP , phpinfo: PHP Version 5.3.5 Downloaded PHPPDT, installed downloaded webserver debug extension, copie ... View Detail
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How to have PHP display errors? (I've added ini_set and error_reporting, but just gives 500 on errors)
So, I don't really have any errors in my current web page, but I want to be able to see an error when they pop up, inste ... View Detail
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jQuery: print_r() display equivalent?
Possible Duplicate: JavaScript data formatting/pretty printer I am getting a bit tired of looking at unformat ... View Detail
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How to Debug Variables in Smarty like in PHP var_dump()
I have some variables inside a template and I don't know where I assigned them. I need to know what is inside a particul ... View Detail
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How to print a debug log?
I'd like to debug this code but I guess printing a log to screen or file is fine for me. How should I print a log in ... View Detail
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Php - Debugging Curl
I'd like to see what the post fields in the request are before I send it. (For debugging purposes). The php library (cl ... View Detail
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What is a Python equivalent of PHP's var_dump()?
When debugging in PHP, I frequently find it useful to simply stick a var_dump() in my code to show me what a variable is ... View Detail
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How do you debug PHP scripts?
How do you debug PHP scripts? I am aware of basic debugging such as using the Error Reporting. The breakpoint debugging ... View Detail
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PHP parse/syntax errors; and how to solve them?
Everyone runs into syntax errors. Even experienced programmers make typos. For newcomers it's just part of the learning ... View Detail
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How to get useful error messages in PHP?
I find programming in PHP quite frustrating. Quite often I will try and run the script and just get a blank screen back. ... View Detail
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Showing all errors and warnings
UPDATE 2: I have now removed the following from the .php file: <?php error_reporting( E_ALL ); ?>  I have set display ... View Detail
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How can I write to console in PHP?
Is it possible write string or log into the console? What I mean Just like in jsp, if we print something like system.o ... View Detail
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Debug vs. Release performance
I've encountered the following paragraph: “Debug vs. Release setting in the IDE when you compile your code in Visual ... View Detail
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How to debug Web Service?
I am using visual studio and I have asp.net application as one project and a web service as another project.I am using w ... View Detail
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How to write output from a unit test?
Any call in my unit tests to either Debug.Write(line) or Console.Write(Line) simply gets skipped over while debugging an ... View Detail
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Performance differences between debug and release builds
I must admit, that usually I haven't bothered switching between the Debug and Release configurations in my program, and ... View Detail
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How to switch between debug and release in Visual C# 2010 Express?
How do I switch between debug and release in Visual C# 2010 Express? I have looked in the project properties, but it se ... View Detail
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Attach Debugger to IIS instance
I have IIS 5.1 on a XP machine, and visual studio 2005. How do I go about attaching my debugger to IIS instance. BTW: I ... View Detail
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Unable to connect to ASP.Net Development Server issue
I am debugging codeplex simple project. I am using VSTS 2008 C# Windows Vista x86 Enterprise. I have not modifie ... View Detail
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Cannot obtain value of local or argument as it is not available at this instruction pointer, possibly because it has been optimized away
Visual Studio 2010 kills (there is no other word) data in one of the functions argument in unsafe block. What could caus ... View Detail
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Debug Target Is Missing?
When I try to build my solution, I get the following error: Visual Studio cannot start debugging because the debug t ... View Detail
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