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How can I convert a DataTable to an XML file in C#?
I want to convert a DataTable to an XML file in C#. How can I do this?
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c # using linq to group by multiple columns in a datatable
I have three columns in a datatable: string, DateTime, and decimal. I want to group by the string and decimal column, an ... View Detail
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Combining n DataTables into a Single DataTable
All, there are some question on this, but I can't seem to extract enough information to solve the problem for my case. I ... View Detail
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Create combined DataTable from two DataTables joined with LINQ. C#
I have the following code that fills dataTable1 and dataTable2 with two simple SQL queries, dataTableSqlJoined is filled ... View Detail
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Safely Removing DataRow In ForEach
I don't understand why this code does not work. foreach (DataRow dataRow in dataTable.Rows) {  if (true)  {   dataRow.D ... View Detail
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Best Practice: Convert LINQ Query result to a DataTable without looping
What is the best practice to convert LINQ-Query result to a new DataTable? can I find a solution better than foreach eve ... View Detail
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How to rename the datatable column name without losing the data?
Q: I want to rename my data table column names . I tried this : dt.Columns[8].ColumnName = regnum;  dt.AcceptChanges ... View Detail
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How can i update cell value of data table?
How can i update cell value of data table if ((sr_no == ) && (customer_name != )) {   string contact_no = SheetData.Tab ... View Detail
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From DataTable in C# .NET to JSON
I am pretty new at C# and .NET, but I've made this code to call a stored procedure, and I then want to take the returned ... View Detail
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How to change the DataTable Column Value without looping?
I have a DataTable which has 4 columns. I want to change the 3rd column's value as 0. Below is my DataTable. ID    Nam ... View Detail
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How to convert datatable to json string using json.net?
How to convert datatable to json using json.net? Any suggestion... I ve downloaded the necessary binaries... Which class ... View Detail
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Export DataTable to excel with EPPlus
i want to export data table to excel file with EPPlus that data table have property with int type,so i want to in excel ... View Detail
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Is it possible to format a date column of a datatable?
Consider i have a datatable dt and it has a column DateofOrder, DateofOrder 07/01/2010 07/05/2010 07/06/2010  I want t ... View Detail
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Use LINQ to group data from DataTable
I want to use LINQ to group data from a DataTable (columns: userid, chargetag, charge). The content could look like thi ... View Detail
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Distinct records in DataTable
I want to get distinct records based on some fields. I'm using the following method: string[] TobeDistinct = { PKID };  ... View Detail
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.NET - Convert Generic Collection to DataTable
I am trying to convert a generic collection (List) to a DataTable. I found the following code to help me do this: // So ... View Detail
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select certain columns of a data table
I have a datatable and would like to know if its possible for me to select certain columns and input the data on a table ... View Detail
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How to read XML into a DataTable?
I have some XML in a string in memory exactly like this: <symbols>   <symbol>EURCHF</symbol>   <symbol>EURGBP</symbol>  ... View Detail
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SqlBulkCopy - The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type money of the specified target column
I'm getting this exception when trying to do an SqlBulkCopy from a DataTable. Error Message: The given value of type St ... View Detail
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How to compare 2 dataTables
I have 2 datatables and I just want to know if they are the same or not. By the same, I mean do they have exactly the sa ... View Detail
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Copy specific columns from one DataTable to another
Have some read in data (from excel file) in a DataTable and now I want to filter this and copy only specific columns to ... View Detail
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How to delete multiple rows in a DataTable?
How can I delete specific DataRows within a loop of a DataTable rows which meet a custom condition -lets say the rows ha ... View Detail
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Filtering a datatable row using a where clause
I have a DataTable that I am pulling from a DataSet. From the DataTable, I want to use the Where clause to return a part ... View Detail
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Creating a SQL Server table from a C# datatable
I have a DataTable that I manually created and loaded with data using C#. What would be the most efficient way to creat ... View Detail
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How to know the row index from DataTable object
I'm getting a value from DataGridView, and based on particular I want to know its row index using DataTable object. For ... View Detail
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