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How to add a print button to a web page
On one of my pages in my website(coded in php), i'm trying to add 2 (even more) print buttons each one printing a portio ... View Detail
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How to show ajax loading gif animation while the page is loading?
I try to implement AJAX in my website. When the content of the div changepass is clicked then it should load changepass. ... View Detail
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Wordpress How To Call Shortcode Within a template
there's a plugin for Contact us form[http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-us-form/] to activate the form all you have t ... View Detail
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How to have dynamic image as CSS background?
I have a logo div that I want to use my logo image as the background for, such as: .logo {  background: #FFF url(images ... View Detail
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PHP - Check if the page run on Mobile or Desktop browser
In my PHP page I should display two different text contents according to whether the page run under mobile or desktop br ... View Detail
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How to wrap long lines without spaces in HTML?
If a user types in a long line without any spaces or white space, it will break formating by going wider than the curren ... View Detail
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How to style a PHP echo text?
I have the follow code; <?php function countryCityFromIP($ipAddr) {  $url = http://api.ipinfodb.com/v3/ip-city/?key=5cf ... View Detail
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Simple DatePicker-like Calendar
Can anyone recommend a simple datepicker calendar that I can use for a blog to link to different urls rather than for a ... View Detail
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Path of assets in CSS files in Symfony 2
Problem I have a CSS file with some paths in it (for images, fonts, etc.. url(..)). My path structure is like this: . ... View Detail
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ERROR 403 in loading resources like CSS and JS in my index.php
I'm in Linux, Elementary OS, and installed lampp in opt. My CSS and JS won't load. When I inspect my page through brows ... View Detail
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How to write specific CSS for mozilla, chrome and IE
What would be the CSS conditional statement you can use to include specific CSS for IE, Mozilla, Chrome. If IE   #con ... View Detail
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Getting DOM elements by classname
I'm using PHP DOM and I'm trying to get an element within a DOM node that have a given class name. What's the best way ... View Detail
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How to use css style in php
Im using php to display data from mysql. Here are my css statements: <style type=”text/css”> table {  margin: 8px; }  t ... View Detail
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Convert HTML + CSS to PDF with PHP?
Ok, I'm now banging my head against a brick wall with this one. I have an HTML (not XHTML) document that renders fine i ... View Detail
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How to determine the screen width/height using C#
I want to set the width & height of a Window dynamically based on the user screens maximum width/height. How can I deter ... View Detail
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itextsharp - CSS not getting applied - C# .NET
I'm using iTextSharp for converting a HTML page to PDF. I'm making use of the helper class given here and I've also trie ... View Detail
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How to add CSS class to asp.net from code behind
this is really frustrating and have search a dozen sites: I have a <asp:table id=questionsTable runat=server> to which ... View Detail
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remove css class in code behind
I have this control <asp:Label ID=lblName runat=server Text=My Name CssClass=required regular />  I want to remove the ... View Detail
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ASP.NET page is not loading CSS styles
This is a simple website in ASP.NET with C# using VS 2010. I have following directory structure for this project: The ... View Detail
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Applying css on asp.net FileUpload Control's Browse Button only
I have a FileUpload Control like this <asp:FileUpload ID=fileuploader runat=server />  Now I want to apply css only on ... View Detail
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Open Source HTML to PDF Renderer with Full CSS Support
I asked about getting iTextSharp to render a PDF from HTML and a CSS sheet before here but it seems like that may not be ... View Detail
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How to add style from code behind?
I want to add a style A:Hover to a HyperLink control from code behind. I can do like this : HyperLink hlRow = new Hype ... View Detail
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Add CSS class to a div in code behind
I have a div and I am trying to add a CSS class to it in code but I receive the following error when I try Property or  ... View Detail
c css
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How to edit CSS style of a div using C# in .NET
I'm trying to grab a div's ID in the code behind (C#) and set some css on it. Can I grab it from the DOM or do I have t ... View Detail
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How do you modify style in the code behind file for divs in ASP.net?
Currently I am trying to modify a css style attribute for a div based on the information I get from a database table in ... View Detail
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