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Routes in Codeigniter - Automatically
I have a problem with Codeigniter routes. I would like to all registered users on my site gets its own directory, for ex ... View Detail
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How do I tell when a MySQL UPDATE was successful versus actually updated data?
How do I tell when a MySQL UPDATE was successful versus actually updated data? Example: TABLE id city_name 1  Union 2 ... View Detail
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Call function A inside function B on Codeigniter's controller
I have a controller that have about 5-6 functions. class Register extends CI_Controller { public function index() {   / ... View Detail
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code igniter error: Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: core/Loader.php Line Number: 346
I'm developing a website application using codeigniter at localhost and then i host it in hawkhost. At localhost it run ... View Detail
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Codeigniter cannot load libraries
Initially, I thought I had a problem with loading libraries due to using Modular Extensions inside Codeigniter. However ... View Detail
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How to configure Codeigniter to report all errors?
I had a line - $autoload['libraries'] = array('database');, in CI's autoload.php. Because of this I was getting a blank ... View Detail
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how to combine query() and limit() methods in CodeIgniter
Is it possible to do something like this in codeigniter: publi function getcat($category_id) {  $query = (SELECT cat.id ... View Detail
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codeigniter check for user session in every controller
I have this private session in one of my controllers that checks if a user is logged in: function _is_logged_in() {  $u ... View Detail
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How to set cron job url for codeigniter?
I am using Codeigniter for my website. I have to use cron job to run one of controller function. I am using route in web ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter get_where
I’m attempting to use get_where to grab a list of all database records where the owner is equal to the logged in user. ... View Detail
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Code Igniter - best place to declare global variable
I've read a lot of similar questions, they may seem duplicate, but none asks exactly what I am asking, and more importan ... View Detail
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Echo query before execution and without execution in codeigniter Active Record
I am looking for a way to see generated string of the query but without executing it. Note that the query hasn't been e ... View Detail
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Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects
My website has been slowed down a little last couple of days. I've looked into my error log and found lots of these: ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter Flash Data
I'm struggling with Flash Data in CodeIgniter. I basically want to: add a category to a database redirect user back to ... View Detail
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Best method of including views within views in CodeIgniter
I'm starting a large codeigniter project and would like to try to create some reusable 'mini' views for snippets of cont ... View Detail
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Updating records codeigniter
I am trying to update a table where id of the row is entered and title is selected through a dropdown list, but I have t ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter error- unable to connect to database using the provided settings
I am new to PHP and CodeIgniter and I am trying to fetch data from a mysql table using MVC pattern of codeIgniter. My ... View Detail
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combining mysql AND OR queries in Codeigniter
I want to combine AND OR mysql queries in CI. I have already seen this thread: http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/ ... View Detail
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how to count the number of rows returned by query in Codeigniter with Datamapper
I am using the following query in controller of codeigniter.  $u -> where('us_email_id', $username);  $u -> where('us_p ... View Detail
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Deleting a File using php/codeigniter
I would like to delete a file that is found in my localhost. localhost/project/folder/file_to_delete  I'm using codeig ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter - Loading CSS
I am developing an custom API for a web solution and I am using the MVC design pattern. I have a modules folder so that ... View Detail
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How to disable PHP Error reporting in CodeIgniter?
I've read the official documentation and all they say is that I should have a error_reporting() function located at the ... View Detail
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Force reload/refresh when pressing the back button
I will try my best to explain this. I have an application that show the 50+ projects in my view page. The user can cli ... View Detail
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How to JOIN three tables in Codeigniter
I'm using codeigniter framework to develop one music cms. i have 3 tables in mysql database, Currently im working in Alb ... View Detail
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CodeIgniter 500 Internal Server Error
I downloaded a PHP script written using CodeIgniter. when I run it from the localhost, on going to the admin folder, it ... View Detail
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