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Dynamic static method call in PHP?
Please could someone experienced in PHP help out with the following. Somewhere in my code, I have a call to a public sta ... View Detail
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How to get instance of a specific class in PHP?
I need to check if there exists an instance of class_A ,and if there does exist, get that instance. How to do it in PHP ... View Detail
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Redefine Class Methods or Class
Is there any way to redefine a class or some of its methods without using typical inheritance? For example: class third ... View Detail
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calling a method from another method in same PHP class
I'm trying to use a method from within another method in a class. I don't have much experience in PHP5 OOP, and I looked ... View Detail
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Can you create instance properties dynamically in PHP?
Is there any way to create all instance properties dynamically? For example, I would like to be able to generate all att ... View Detail
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Returning a value in constructor function of a class
So far I have a PHP class with the constructor public function __construct ($identifier = NULL) {  // Return me. if ( $ ... View Detail
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How do I get an object's unqualified (short) class name?
How do I check the class of an object within the PHP name spaced environment without specifying the full namespaced clas ... View Detail
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Can I instantiate a PHP class inside another class?
I was wondering if it is allowed to create an instance of a class inside another class. Or, do I have to create it outs ... View Detail
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In php when initializing a class how would one pass a variable to that class to be used in its functions?
So here is the deal. I want to call a class and pass a value to it so it can be used inside that class in all the variou ... View Detail
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What does new self(); mean in PHP?
I've never seen code like this: public static function getInstance() {  if ( ! isset(self::$_instance)) {   self::$_ins ... View Detail
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How do I access static member of a class?
I am trying to access static member of a class. my class is: class A {  public static $strName = 'A is my name'  publi ... View Detail
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Nested or Inner Class in PHP
I'm building a User Class for my new website, however this time I was thinking to build it little bit differently... I ... View Detail
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PHP Accessing Parent Class Variable
class A {  private $aa;  protected $bb = 'parent bb';   function __construct($arg) {  //do something..  }   private func ... View Detail
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PHP - define constant inside a class
How can I define a constant inside a class, and make it so it's visible only when called in a class context? ....someth ... View Detail
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Can I include code into a PHP class?
I want to make a PHP class, lets say Myclass.php. Now inside that class I want to define just the class itself and some ... View Detail
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Best practice on PHP singleton classes
Possible Duplicate: Who needs singletons? I always write with respect to best practice, but I also want to un ... View Detail
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PHP user class (login/logout/signup)
Started experimenting with building classes, and I've began by converting my user registration/login into a single class ... View Detail
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Static class initializer in PHP
I have an helper class with some static functions. All the functions in the class require a ‘heavy’ initialization funct ... View Detail
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PHP call Class method / function
How can I call following Class method or function? Let say I have this params get from url: $var = filter($_GET['param ... View Detail
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PHP class not found
I solved this question my own. The filename was wrong lolz. Hello everyone! I'm building a CMS like Drupal and Joomla. ... View Detail
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call to undefined function error when calling class method
this is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function assign( this is the code, as you can see i obviously have defi ... View Detail
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How to properly set up a PDO connection
From time to time I see questions regarding connecting to database. Most answers is not the way I do it, or I might just ... View Detail
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instantiate a class from a variable in PHP?
I know this question sounds rather vague so I will make it more clear with an example: $var = 'bar'; $bar = new {$var}C ... View Detail
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How to add property to object in PHP >= 5.3 strict mode without generating error
This has to be simple, but I can't seem to find an answer.... I have a generic stdClass object $foo with no properties. ... View Detail
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php static function
I have a question regarding static function in php. let's assume that I have a class class test {  public function say ... View Detail
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