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PHP JSON or Array to XML
Whats the easiest way to take a JSON or Array object and convert it to XML. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places b ... View Detail
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Sort Object in PHP
What is an elegant way to sort objects in PHP? I would love to accomplish something similar to this. $sortedObjectArary ... View Detail
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PHP array keys reorder
My array looks like this: array(   0 => 'val',   2 => 'val',   3 => 'val',   5 => 'val',   7 => 'val' );  How can I re ... View Detail
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Add a prefix to each item of a PHP array
I have a PHP array of numbers, which I would like to prefix with a minus (-). I think through the use of explode and imp ... View Detail
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PHP get both array value and array key
I want to run a for loop through an array and create anchor elements for each element in the array, where the key is the ... View Detail
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Using usort in php with a class private function
ok using usort with a function is not so complicated This is what i had before in my linear code function merchantSort ... View Detail
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PHP: Remove the first and last item of the array
Suppose I have this array:  $array = array('10', '20', '30.30', '40', '50');  Questions: What is the fastest/easiest ... View Detail
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Search for PHP array element containing string
$example = array('An example','Another example','Last example');  How can I do a loose search for the word Last in the ... View Detail
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How to use php array with sql IN operator?
I have and array with two values and I want to use it with sql IN operator in select query. Here is the structure of my ... View Detail
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PHP Sort Array By SubArray Value
I've got the following structue of array: Array   (    [0] => Array     (      [configuration_id] => 10      [id] => 1  ... View Detail
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Make array of all GET-variables
I'm trying to make an array from all the GET-variables passed to a PHP script. So far I haven't found any way to do this ... View Detail
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Why do I get Resource id #4 when I apply print_r() to an array in PHP?
Possible Duplicate: How do i “echo” a “Resource id #6” from a MySql response in PHP? Below is the code: $res ... View Detail
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Convert multidimensional array into single array
I have an array which is multidimensional for no reason /* This is how my array is currently */ Array ( [0] => Array  ( ... View Detail
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JSON_ENCODE of multidimensional array giving different results
When doing a json_encode a multidimensional array in PHP, I'm noticing a different output simply by naming one of the ar ... View Detail
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array_unique for objects?
Is there any method like the array_unique for objects? I have a bunch of arrays with 'Role' objects that I merge, and th ... View Detail
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phpexcel Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted
I am using phpexcel to write quite a large excel file. I am writing it from an array that looks like array(   [0] =>  ... View Detail
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Creating an empty 2D array in PHP?
I know that arrays are created dynamically, and creating them ahead of time isn't really necessary, but how would one do ... View Detail
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Check if array is not empty
********Update********** var_dump: string(0) I am trying to check if part of an array is not empty then display code ... View Detail
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Reset PHP Array Index
I have a PHP array that looks like this: [3] => Hello [7] => Moo [45] => America  What PHP function makes this? [0] = ... View Detail
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How do I get the key values from $_POST?
echo $_POST[name]; //returns the value a user typed into the name field  I would like to be able to also return the tex ... View Detail
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How to skip the 1st key in an array loop?
I have the following code: if ($_POST['submit'] == Next) {  foreach($_POST['info'] as $key => $value) {   echo $value;  ... View Detail
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Checking to see if one array's elements are in another array in PHP
I have two arrays in PHP as follows: People: Array (  [0] => 3  [1] => 20 )  Wanted Criminals: Array (  [0] => 2  [1 ... View Detail
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PHP array_filter with arguments
I have the following code: function lower_than_10($i) {  return ($i < 10); }  that I can use to filter an array like t ... View Detail
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Get array values by keys
I am searching for a built in php function that takes array of keys as input and returns me corresponding values. for e ... View Detail
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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW PHP
I'm getting a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DOUBLE_ARROW PHP on line 47, which is     'post_content' => $thi ... View Detail
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