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How to sort a date array in PHP
I have an array in this format: Array (  [0] => Array   (    [28th February, 2009] => 'bla'   )   [1] => Array   (    [ ... View Detail
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How to convert ArrayList into string array(string[]) in c#
How can I convert ArrayList into string[] in C#?
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Sorting a list of items in a list box
I want to get an bunch of items from a list box, add them to an array, sort it, then put it back into a different listbo ... View Detail
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looping through the values of an ArrayList in C#
I'm trying to figure out what sort of information these messages contain that are being streamed via OSC. The messages a ... View Detail
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C#, a String's Split() method
C#, a String's Split() method, how can I put the resulting string[] into an ArrayList or Stack?
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C# objects in arrayLists
I'm working with ArrayList in C# and I am wondering how I can add objects to an ArrayList and then retrieve the values f ... View Detail
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Multi-dimensional arraylist or list in C#?
Is is possible to create a multidimensional list in C#. I can create an multidimensional array like so:  string[,] resu ... View Detail
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How to split() a delimited string to a List<String>
I had this code:  String[] lineElements;   . . .  try  {   using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(TestFile.txt))   { ... View Detail
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ArrayList vs List<> in C#
What is the difference between ArrayList and List<> in C#? Is it only that List<> has a type while ArrayList doesn't?
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How to print out an element from the ArrayList by it's index
Let's say that I have an ArrayList, and I specifically want to print out the element with Index 5, how would I go about ... View Detail
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ClassCastException: java.lang.Object[] cannot be cast to java.lang.String[] android
In my application I need to convert my arraylist to a string of an array. However, I am getting an error: ClassCastExce ... View Detail
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Convert int[] into ArrayList
What is best way recopying int[] array elements into ArrayList? I need to do this fast so what would be the fastest way ... View Detail
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Java NullPointerException when adding to ArrayList?
My code is throwing a NullPointerException, even though the object seems to properly exist. public class IrregularPolyg ... View Detail
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Java ArrayList of ArrayList
The following code outputs [[100, 200, 300], [100, 200, 300]].   However, what I expect is [[100, 200, 300], [100, 2 ... View Detail
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Passing ArrayList as a parameter
Let me start by saying that I can't put any code here because Internet on my laptop is not working so I am posting this ... View Detail
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Why I can't have int in the type of ArrayList?
I want to declare an ArrayList of type integer. Why the following gives me an error: ArrayList<int> list1 = new ArrayL ... View Detail
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Efficient way to divide a list into lists of n size
I have an array, which I want to divide into smaller arrays of n size, and perform an operation on each. My current meth ... View Detail
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How to create an arraylist class that can store multiple objects?
I am a self-learner. Currently, I am making a GUI project in which I need a matrice-type database. I would like to lear ... View Detail
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Why do we need to use iterator on ArrayList in Java?
I was reading the answer mentioned to the question Do we ever need to use Iterators on ArrayList?. In the answer, the u ... View Detail
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create an ArrayList of bytes
I want to read bytes from a wave file into an array. Since the number of bytes read depends upon the size of the wave fi ... View Detail
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Gson TypeToken with dynamic ArrayList item type
I have this code: Type typeOfObjectsList = new TypeToken<ArrayList<myClass>>() {}.getType(); List<myClass> objectsList  ... View Detail
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In Java, can you modify a List while iterating through it?
I understand that in Java a Collection<E> should not be modified while iterating through it, such as removing or adding ... View Detail
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How to merge two ArrayLists without duplicates?
I have two arrayLists ArrayList one = {A, B, C, D, E} ArrayList two = {B, D, F, G}    I want to have my final ArrayLis ... View Detail
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Java convert Arraylist<Float> to float[]
How I can do that? I have an arraylist, with float elements. (Arraylist <Float>) (float[]) Floats_arraylist.toArray()  ... View Detail
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Concurrent threads adding to ArrayList at same time - what happens?
We have multiple threads calling add(obj) on an ArrayList. My theory is that when add is called concurrently by two t ... View Detail
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