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Posting JSON To Laravel
I am trying to make a post request of json to Laravel. The request is received on the server however when I try to acces ... View Detail
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Should I mix AngularJS with a PHP framework?
AngularJS is very powerful when it comes to interactive HTML5 and model binding. On the other hand, PHP frameworks like ... View Detail
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Spring MVC - AngularJS - File Upload - org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadException
I have a Java Spring MVC Web application as server. And AngularJS based application as client. In AngularJS, I have to ... View Detail
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Configuring angularjs with eclipse IDE
I want to start using AngularJs and Java Spring for development purpose.I am using Eclipse as IDE . I want to configure ... View Detail
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AngularJS: 'Template for directive must have exactly one root element' when using 'th' tag in directive template
I'm trying to implement custom sortBy directive in order to make columns in html table sortable. HTML: <thead> <tr>   ... View Detail
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PDF Blob - Pop up window not showing content
I have been working on this problem for the last few days. With no luck on trying to display the stream on <embed src> t ... View Detail
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Argument 'fn' is not a function got string
I have a part in my angular application on which I've binded a controller, since then I got the Argument 'fn' is not a f ... View Detail
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AngularJS group check box validation
I have a list of check boxes, of which at least one is compulsory. I have tried to achieve this via AngularJS validation ... View Detail
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Ionic framework $state.go('app.home'); is adding back button on page where i want to go (how to remove it)?
I have app with sidebar menu. I am on second page and i'm calling controller function which redirect me to first page us ... View Detail
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Injecting dependent services when unit testing AngularJS services
I'm testing service A, but service A depends on service B (i.e. service B is injected into service A). I've seen this q ... View Detail
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Angularjs filter not null
Trying to filter out items with a certain property that is not null So for: var details = [{name:'Bill', shortDescripti ... View Detail
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Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'MyCtrl' is not a function, got undefined
I am new to Angularjs and I was following a tutorial but I got the error in the title. HTML code: <div data-ng-app=my ... View Detail
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Structuring a Node.js and AngularJS application
I'm about to attempt my first AngularJS project, and it makes sense to use Node.js for the back end, even though it mean ... View Detail
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AngularJS CORS Issues
I have searched over 200 sites(maybe exaggerating, but not by much) on how to be able to handle cors with angularjs. We ... View Detail
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Angularjs TypeError: undefined is not a function
I'm just starting to mess with angular js and I'm trying to load the data through a post action. I'm using angularjs v. ... View Detail
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Sending email from an AngularJS web application
In one of my AngularJS web applications, I need to confirm a password by sending emails to a concerned person. How can I ... View Detail
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AngularJS - Dependency injection in services, factories, filters etc
So I have some plugins and libraries I want to use in my angular app and (currently) I am simply referencing those funct ... View Detail
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Angularjs watch for change in parent scope
I'm writing a directive and I need to watch the parent scope for a change. Not sure if I'm doing this the preferred way, ... View Detail
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Angular 1.6.0: Possibly unhandled rejection error
We have a pattern for resolving promises in our Angular app that has served us well up until Angular 1.6.0:  resource.g ... View Detail
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Is AngularJS just for single-page applications (SPAs)?
We are looking at options to build the front end of an application we are creating and are trying to evaluate a tool tha ... View Detail
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AngularJS - Image onload event
I've been searching for an answer to simple but not trivial question: What is a right way to catch image' onload event i ... View Detail
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Angular js Parsing Json object
A json object has a key lastLogin. Value of it is a string. I am trying to print firstName John and Blake $scope._user ... View Detail
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Angular automatically add 'ng-invalid' class on 'required' fields
I am building an angular app for which I have some forms set up. I have some fields that are required to be field before ... View Detail
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Angularjs Dropdown OnChange Selected Text and Value
I am new to AngularJS and trying to get Selected Text and Value from Dropdown. I followed a lot of tutorials with still ... View Detail
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ng-if check if array is empty
The API I am working with returns this if there are no items in the array items: []  If there are items in the array i ... View Detail
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