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jQuery Ajax passing value on php same page
I am kinda confused on it, when trying to send value on the same page.  <script>    $(select[name='sweets']).change(fun ... View Detail
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Retrieving Data with Jquery, AJAX, and PHP from a MySQL Database
I am trying to figure out how to retrieve data from a MySQL database using an AJAX call to a PHP page. I have been foll ... View Detail
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call php function with arguments using Jquery
I have a php file func.php where I defined many functions let's say : <? php  function func1($data){ return $data+1; }  ... View Detail
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Is there a way to pass multiple arrays to PHP json_encode and parse it with jQuery?
Right now I have this PHP: $columns = array(*/Data*/); echo json_encode($columns);  And this is sent through an AJAX G ... View Detail
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Return errors from PHP run via. AJAX?
Is there a way to get PHP to return an AJAX error code if the PHP script fails somewhere? I was following a tutorial and ... View Detail
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How can I return an array/json object containing json objects through an ajax php call?
Basically what I'm trying to do is returning the results of a mysql query. I know how to put each row of the query resul ... View Detail
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jQuery AJAX type: 'GET', passing value problem
I have a jQuery AJAX call with type:'GET' like this: $.ajax({type:'GET',url:'/createUser',data:userId=12345&userName=te ... View Detail
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Jquery AJAX post to PHP
OK i've got my json string built but i'm not sure what to do next?? $('#submit').live('click',function(){       var dat ... View Detail
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Download CSV file using AJAX
I'm trying to accomplish a fairly simple task for my website, but Im not sure exactly how to go about it. I want the use ... View Detail
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How to Load Ajax in Wordpress
I'm familiar with using ajax in the ordinary way with jQuery. I've played around it for a while, but don't understand wh ... View Detail
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How to show ajax loading gif animation while the page is loading?
I try to implement AJAX in my website. When the content of the div changepass is clicked then it should load changepass. ... View Detail
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ajax post within jquery onclick
I have a button which calls a modal box to fade into the screen saying a value posted from the button then fade off, thi ... View Detail
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PHP isset() with multiple parameters
I'm trying to work with AJAX autocompletes and I am having a few problems with getting the two languages to work in syne ... View Detail
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How to remove backslash on json_encode() function?
How to remove the (\)backslash on a string? when using echo json_encode() ? For example: <?php $str = $(\#output\).app ... View Detail
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CAUTION: provisional header are shown
I cant debug this message which appeared like a week ago. I tried restoring to old files but this is odd, nothing solve ... View Detail
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Ajax File Download using Jquery, PHP
I want to use the ajax functionality to download whereby the user will click the download link which will (using ajax an ... View Detail
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Inserting into MySQL from PHP (jQuery/AJAX)
I have seen many tutorials, but they're so confusing, and to do what I want to do, I just don't get how to use existing ... View Detail
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Ajax passing data to php script
I am trying to send data to my PHP script to handle some stuff and generate some items. $.ajax({    type: POST,    url: ... View Detail
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Show progress for long running PHP script
I have a PHP script that is likely to take at least 10 seconds to run. I would like to display progress for it for the u ... View Detail
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multiple return values from PHP with jQuery AJAX
I'm using this jQuery code: $.ajax ({  type: POST,  url: customerfilter.php,  data: dataString,  cache: false,  success ... View Detail
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Posting JSON objects to Symfony 2
I'm working on a project using Symfony 2, I've built a bundle to handle all my database services which passes JSON data ... View Detail
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How to check if the request is an AJAX request with PHP
I would like to check server-side if a request to my php page is an ajax request or not. I saw two ways to do this: Fi ... View Detail
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jQuery - Call ajax every 10 seconds
I have a mysql feedback database constructed like this: name | location | feedback Ryan | England | great ... View Detail
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jQuery populate items into a Select using jQuery ajax json, php
I have a select field. I must fill with options taken from a mysql table. Here is some little php code I have done using ... View Detail
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allow cross domain ajax requests
In my project , I need to allow others send ajax requests to my script . So external requests may come from other websit ... View Detail
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