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Why is Application.Restart() not reliable?
Using the method Application.Restart() in C# should restart the current application: but it seems that this is not alway ... View Detail
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How to bind a collection to a ListView in WPF
I have a program that searches a directory for files matching certain criteria. This search process takes a long time, s ... View Detail
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How to get the number of items in a combobox?
How can I get the number of items listed in a combobox?
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What is the most efficient way to save a byte array as a file on disk in C#?
Pretty simple scenario. I have a web service that receives a byte array that is to be saved as a particular file type on ... View Detail
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How to store/retrieve RSA public/private key
I want to use RSA public key encryption. What is the best way to store or retrieve private and public keys? Is XML a goo ... View Detail
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Entity Framework/Linq to SQL: Skip & Take
Just curious as to how Skip & Take are supposed to work. I'm getting the results I want to see on the client side, but w ... View Detail
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Convert SQL to Linq left join with null
How can I convert properly this SQL to linq select  t1.ProgramID from Program t1 LEFT JOIN ProgramLocation t2 ON  t1.Pr ... View Detail
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How to get the assembly (System.Reflection.Assembly) for a given type in .Net?
In .Net, given a type name, is there a method that tells me in which assembly (instance of System.Reflection.Assembly) t ... View Detail
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Combine two (or more) PDF's
Background: I need to provide a weekly report package for my sales staff. This package contains several (5-10) crystal r ... View Detail
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Bulk Update in C#
For inserting a huge amount of data in a database, I used to collect all the inserting information into a list and conve ... View Detail
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How to break out of an if statement from a boolean inside the if statement
I have something like this bool a = true; bool b = true; bool plot = true; if(plot) {  if(a)  {   if(b)    b = false;   ... View Detail
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Format a date in XML via XSLT
When I use the XML serializer to serialize a DateTime, it is written in the following format: <Date>2007-11-14T12:01:00 ... View Detail
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TimeSpan ToString format
Just curious, is there a format string I can use to output something like 5h 3m 30s? eg. (obviously wrong) myTimeSpan. ... View Detail
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Why are properties without a setter not serialized
I have a serializable class and one of the properties in my class generates a Guid in the getter. The property implement ... View Detail
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OPC sample application for C#
Does anyone know a C# OPC client sample application? I'm looking for a good opensource one to learn about the protocol. ... View Detail
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Keep window on top and steal focus in WinForms
I realize that this would be COMPLETELY bad practice in normal situations, but this is just for a test app that needs to ... View Detail
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beginner's tutorial for report viewer?
I am using VSTS 2008 + C# + .Net 3.5 + SQL Server 2008 + ASP.Net + IIS 7 to develop web application. Any quick and easy ... View Detail
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StreamWriter writing to MemoryStream
I was under the impression that when you called Flush() in a StreamWriter object it writes to the underlying stream, but ... View Detail
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Good or bad practice for Dialogs in wpf with MVVM?
I lately had the problem of creating add and edit dialogs for my wpf app. All I want to do in my code was something lik ... View Detail
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Taking input from a joystick with C# .NET
I searched around on Google for this, but the only things I came up with were outdated and did not work. Does anyone ha ... View Detail
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A timeout was reached while waiting for the service to connect error after rebooting
I have a custom-written Windows service that I run on a number of Hyper-V VMs. The VMs get rebooted a couple times an ho ... View Detail
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What is the purpose of AsQueryable()?
Is the purpose of AsQueryable() just so you can pass around an IEnumerable to methods that might expect IQueryable, or i ... View Detail
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Method can be made static, but should it?
Resharper likes to point out multiple functions per asp.net page that could be made static. Does it help me if I do make ... View Detail
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Get all sub directories that only contain files
I have a path and I want to list the subdirectories under it, where each subdirectory doesn't contain any other director ... View Detail
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Html.TextboxFor default value for Integer/Decimal to be Empty instead of 0
I am using the default asp.net MVC 2 syntax to construct TextBox's which are integer or decimal for my asp.net MVC web a ... View Detail
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