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How to get 100+ twitter followers and 20,000+ impressions on twitter in 12 hours

Category: Technology World Date: Wednesday, January 03, 2018
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Are you new to digital marketing and wish to promote your product or idea online. If yes, then you are not alone. Me and my team of hardcore techies also wanted to do the same and we were scratching our heads thinking where to start from. We thought - let’s give twitter a try and see how it goes. Twitter is probably a little hard to understand for newcomers and many people feel they don’t understand how to use it. But don’t worry, we also figured it out just 1 day back !!

Let me come straight to the point. From my first 12 hours of experience using twitter seriously, in which we got 100+ followers, 20,000+ impressions, I can tell you 4 things about twitter for sure

  1. Your tweet should tell a story rather than just sharing some random information.
  2. It’s best if you tweet from the twitter mobile app rather than from the browser. The app gives you much better information about hashtags.
  3. Use relevant hashtags with your tweets. Hashtags are like topics which people follow and are tweeting about. When you use right hashtags your tweet generates much more impressions and therefore gains more interactions.
  4. Your profile should have a meaningful display picture, cover image and description so that visitors can understand who you are and decide if they should follow you or not.

This image shows the impressions and interactions for some of our tweets.


See how our impressions graph has grown in last 24 hours


The yellow bar in the graph is the paid promotion which we did. But then decided to try the organic and non paid methods of gaining impressions.

From the notifications for our account you can see the number of followers we have gained in last 24 hours


In the end, a tip for beginner dummies from us…

Tweet frequently, share relevant information and use related hashtags with your tweets. You will surely see positive results.

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