Open E-School for

Companies/Job Providers

Join us and hire our students whose knowledge profile matches your job requirements. Evaluate students based on their learning progress and report cards, not just their resumes.
Skill Development, Intelligent Hiring
Bringing Students, Colleges and Companies together
Hiring Index
We calculate hiring index for each candidate based on his / her performance in evaluation process. This hiring index can be used as a basis for hiring candidates with a combination of skills.
Skill Certificates
Taking the idea of intelligent hiring one step further we personally interview, evaluate and certify candidates at the end of their learning path for a given skill. Based on their performance we award them a skill certificate which can be used as a strong indicator during the hiring process.
Post Jobs and Search Talent
We invite companies to use Open E-School as a platform for placements. Create your company account, post jobs, select the skills you are looking for and find matching profiles. It’s easy.

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